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Learn from others. Make your life easier.

Learn from others.
Make your life easier.

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Case Studies

When connecting overseas staff is a real pain
This car share operator desperately needed a reliable way to connect their overseas staff into their main office in Australia. This is how they did it.


At the moment MoxyViewer is a free solution.
When COVID presents an opportunity
This food production company saw an opportunity arising from COVID and wanted to seize it, fast! But first they needed to build a brand new e-commerce portal.


$70k ~ $90k including design, build and delivery.
Automating order entry is a huge step forward
This sales & service office was able to save on the cost of a full-time headcount and make their customers happier by automating order entry . See how they did it.


$100k ~ $120k for the design and build.

Expert Talks

Is VPN the ideal set-up for remote working?
Are you paying for licences of applications that your staff only use infrequently? Gagan talks about how to solve this with a rethink on remote working.
Protect your business from billing disputes
A billing dispute is always a nasty situation, more so in the technology space. How do businesses avoid a billing debacle when buying technology?
How to avoid being oversold on technology?
A practical guide on how to avoid being over sold on technology, especially when you are unsure if the solution is right for your business.


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