Managing hundreds of clients with just a few staff

Patrick Zhuge

Pangu Australia

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About the Business

The client is a professional service provider specialising in the ICT technology stack. 

They run a head office with about 6 staff members who look after a portfolio of hundreds of customers across Australia. These staff members carry a mix of sales, customer service and operational responsibilities.

Business Challenges

The client’s main challenge was to have their staff work as efficient as possible. This was critical for a small team managing a large customer portfolio. 

The client had a sharp focus on providing top-notch customer service and building a loyal customer base. This meant all customer-impacting activities such as phone calls, emails, support tickets, appointments and outstanding disputes needed to be captured and closely monitored.

They also needed the same level of visibility and control across all revenue generating activities to maintain a healthy financial position.

In short the client needed to digitise and automate wherever possible.


The client adopted Microsoft Dynamics 365 as their customer relationship management (CRM) system. This was a natural progression as the client was already using Microsoft Office 365 as their productivity suite. MS Dynamics 365 worked seamlessly with existing MS software which was a key consideration for the client.

The MS Dynamics 365 CRM offered all the important functionalities required by the client, especially around data and activity capture and analytics.

Emails, phone calls and appointments could be scheduled and captured within the CRM and recorded automatically in the customer profile. Support tickets and other customer service related activities could be recorded and easily tracked for status updates.

Return on investment

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency

The client automated a lot of manual processes by adopting MS Dynamics 365. Activities across their whole team could be recorded, tracked, and managed all in the one system. There was no more double entry of data between different systems or time wasting administrative tasks. Estimated time saving equated to about 7 hours per week.

Early detection of under performance

For a small team it was critical for each staff to perform at their best. As activities were tracked in MS Dynamics 365, under performance could be easily identified and remediated before the damage became serious. This was key to effective training so that the client could achieve a good return from their staff.

Visibility on sales

The client could easily track their up-to-date sales pipeline as data was captured in real-time in MS Dynamics 365. The client could always have a good handle on their revenue position. They could also perform data analytics on important areas such as product sales mix and customer profitability, which were two key inputs to their growth strategy.

Flexibility (especially during Covid)

MS Dynamics 365 is an entirely cloud-based solution. This meant staff members could access it as long as they had a stable Internet connection. This was critical to the client when everyone was working remotely. They could still access customer data and function as a highly effective team.

Note the increased flexibility did not diminish the client’s ability to track staff performance, again thanks to visibility provided by MS Dynamics 365.

Estimated Project Cost

Professional service charged at $200 ~ $2,000 per user for the initial set up. Costs vary depending on the level of data entry, user training, system configuration and customisation.

Licencing fee for Microsoft Dynamics 365 as per Microsoft’s pricing scheme.

Additional support after initial set up provided at an hourly rate.

Patrick Zhuge

Patrick’s passion is all about helping businesses adopt technology. The key is connecting businesses with the right guidance from the right people for the right technology. This is the core idea of Pangu, a platform that brings everyone together.

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