When COVID presents an opportunity

Patrick Zhuge

Pangu Australia

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About the Business

The client is a leading food production company with branches/warehouses established in all major cities along the eastern seaboard.

During COVID, the client realised there was a great opportunity in home delivery. They decided to quickly capitalise on it and strengthen their revenue stream.

Business Challenges

The client needed a public facing e-commerce portal that would allow them to manage an online catalogue, take and process orders, and run marketing campaigns from time to time.

The portal needed to be optimised for mobile user experience, in additional to desktop user experience.

They also planned to reach more customers via social channels, so the portal needed to integrate with mainstream social apps.


They engaged a digital agency to scope, design, build and launch this new portal. This agency helped the client identify the following features as must-haves:

  • Catalogue management: product display, warehouse quantity check, special pricing and discount management for different customer tiers;
  • Content management: displaying relevant food ideas, recipes, bundling suggestions etc;
  • Order management: minimum amount reminder, order top-ups and changes, back-end order editing and rectifying, order status tracking and archiving, order history checking;
  • Order dispatch: preferred date of delivery and additional delivery instructions, cross-checking with delivery capacity;
  • Customer loyalty management: loyalty rewards and credits, referral management etc;
  • API management: integrating with mainstream social apps and marketing channels;

Return on investment

Quick pivot to new revenue streams

This portal helped the client to tap into a fast growing revenue stream which more than offset their stagnating sales from business customers.

Growth without additional resources

As the portal provided significant amount of automation, the client did not need to hire new staff. Instead they re-allocated existing call centre staff to manage orders from the new portal.

Not just the ‘what’ but the ‘how’

The digital agency added a lot of value by providing consultancy work to help the client get up to speed with building and running an e-commerce portal, something the client had little experience with previously. This was instrumental in getting the whole project off the ground. 

Estimated Project Cost

$70k ~ $90k including design, build and delivery.

3 to 4 months of required design and build time.

If you wish to find out more about this case study, please hit the button below and I will promptly reach out to you. 

Patrick Zhuge

Patrick’s passion is all about helping businesses adopt technology. The key is connecting businesses with the right guidance from the right people for the right technology. This is the core idea of Pangu, a platform that brings everyone together.

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