When connecting overseas staff is a real pain

Gagan Nain


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About the Business

The client is a leading car share and rental platform with a wide network covering the Australian eastern coast.

They also have a major point of presence overseas, stationing operations staff as well as a liaison office.

Business Challenges

The client has been struggling to connect their overseas staff back into their main office in Australia. Previously they used Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions to set up direct links, but that has proved too difficult. The VPN links were very unstable due to overseas regulatory controls. The client could never know for sure when their VPN connection would be severed.

So instead, they opted for a remote desktop protocol (RDP) solution. That however also had its fair share of challenges. The RDP solution they initially used required an installation of applications on both the host (main office) and the user (overseas office) machines. Each time when setting up a connection, their main office staff had to be present in order to ‘accept’ the remote connection request. It was such a hassle to begin with.

Now here is the main problem: different time zones. It was simply impossible to have daily ‘early starts’ or ‘late finishes’ on both ends, but if they didn’t do it, they would lose precious working hours from their overseas staff. The client desperately needed a solution that could allow their overseas office to ‘self-service’ when connecting into their main office.


The client trialled MoxyViewer and immediately appreciated the convenience. 

  • No client software needed: Unlike traditional RDP solutions which typically require software installation on both the host and the user machine, MoxyViewer only needed to be installed on the host machine. The client machine could connect via an Internet browser. This meant virtually no IT support was needed on the user side (overseas office). 
  • Connection invitation is managed via a link: Staff in the main office could generate an invitation link and send it conveniently via emails or other collaboration tools. Once the link has been sent, they no longer needed to physically be there. The rest was all self-serviced by the remote staff.
  • Enhanced security: A pre-determined connection duration could be set for each and every invitation. Real-time monitoring of user connection status allowed for easy detection of any questionable activities.

Return on Investment

For the client, the biggest ROI is making the impossible possible. 

All staff hours have now been fully utilised without any need for overtime on any side. The client gave a rough calculation of about 15 additional working hours gained per overseas staff per week.

Estimated Project Cost

At the moment MoxyViewer is a free solution.

If you wish to find out more about this case study, please get in touch below and I will promptly reach out to you. 

Gagan Nain

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