Expert Talks

Is VPN the ideal set-up for remote working?
Are you paying for licences of applications that your staff only use infrequently? Gagan talks about how to solve this with a rethink on remote working.
Protect your business from billing disputes
A billing dispute is always a nasty situation, more so in the technology space. How do businesses avoid a billing debacle when buying technology?
How to avoid being oversold on technology?
A practical guide on how to avoid being over sold on technology, especially when you are unsure if the solution is right for your business.
Why should you always keep a copy of the CIS?
A Critical Information Summary is a very important document for businesses when buying telecommunication products and services. Here is why.
Get the most out of this critical business asset
Have you been taking advantage of this critical asset of your business? Monica gives a plain English introduction on what is data analytics and why you should care.
Should your business embrace the Cloud?
Is Cloud the right option for your business? Raj explains, in simple terms, the pros and cons of moving your programs and data into the Cloud vs an on-site server.
Choosing your analytics toolkit
With all of the tools at your disposal to accomplish data analytics tasks, how can you decide which one is right for your needs? We’ve put together this helpful guide, covering the most common tools in this field.
How to select an IT company in Sydney
Spending time in selecting the right IT company will save you a lot of grief later. As a business owner or the person responsible of the IT in your company, you must give this proper attention.
Understanding the basics of 5G technology
Are you ready to adopt 5G technologies in your business? Before talking to vendors make sure you check out this overview of all the basics.